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Child Therapy

Helping children ages 3-17 manage big feelings, successfully communicate their needs, and know that they are going to be loved no matter what.


Child Therapy

Helping children ages 3-17 manage big feelings, successfully communicate their needs, and know that they are going to be loved no matter what.

Child therapy can help your child:

Manage Tough Emotions

Get Tools for Problem Solving

Communicate Their Needs

Life can be confusing.

Kids are pretty good at adjusting to new things, but for some, the big changes can be tough. A new town, new home, a divorce, a new stage in development, or new family members can feel like their world has been turned upside down.

Child therapy can help them process big feelings.

Power Within COunseling

How Child Therapy Can Help

One of the best practices to use with children in therapy is Play Therapy.

Play is the way kids naturally communicate, and incorporating it into therapy sessions allows them to work through the difficult and confusing emotions that can arise from anxiety, depression, or big changes.

During Play Therapy, kids can use pretend scenarios to express the thoughts, feelings, and actions they have not been able to find words for helping them feel more in control of things that seem overwhelming in real life.

When your child is:

Child therapy can help them:

Playing is a way for kids to show how they feel, especially when talking about tough emotions. It lets them share sadness, anger, confusion, or fear through creative and symbolic play.

Divorce, or death of a family member can make children feel stuck and worried. Child therapy helps them handle these feelings of loss by letting them explore and understand their emotions without having to talk about them directly.

Through play, children can gain a sense of control over aspects of their experience that may seem overwhelming in reality.

Child therapy allows children to use toys and play as a language to express thoughts, feelings, and actions that they might struggle to put into words.

Divorce or blending of families often brings significant changes to a child’s life. Child therapy helps children process and adapt to these changes by allowing them to explore and make sense of their new family dynamics in a safe and supportive environment.

Child therapy can ease out of control worries. It gives kids a structured and reassuring place to express themselves, making them feel secure and better able to cope with uncertainties.

Child therapy can include sessions with parents, making the family bond stronger. It helps parents and kids connect better, creating a supportive family during and after life’s big and small changes.

Children may exhibit behavioral changes throughout their development. Child therapy helps us see and deal with these changes by looking at what they do in their play, so we can understand what’s going on inside.

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”

- Friedrich Froebel

Who We are

Why Work With Power Within Counseling

Kids know when you’re not being honest.

We talk to them like real people who need someone to be there for them as they are walking through challenges and teach them new ways of being with their peers, their parents, and themselves.

We believe that everyone has the power to heal within themselves including our children, and it’s our job to point each child in the right direction on their journey to healing.

At Power Within Counseling, we empower children to realize that they can face tough situations and come out stronger. They discover that their situation doesn’t define them – they can go through hard times and still be OK, or even better! We work to reframe the challenges, uncertainties and big feelings life may bring while helping parents and children to feel loved, more confident, and supported through all of it.

We are goal-oriented, focused on helping you and your child reach a place of confidence and peace, and we help you do the work to make that possible.

Carly Schrimpl

Owner & Therapist, LCSW

What We Believe in

All parts of you are welcome here. We explore all that you or your child bring into therapy, taking time to embrace every emotion and experience as a vital piece of the healing process.


Healing can be fun, and it can also require endurance. We guide you through every stage of the process, celebrating success and navigating challenges together every step of the way.

Every family and child is unique, and your therapy journey should reflect that! We adapt our approach to fit YOU so that your experience is as effective and meaningful as possible.

We believe that you are the hero of your life and have the freedom to live the way you want. We offer flexibility in treatment and tailor the goals to match. Feeling free, allows change with ease and gets faster results.

Integrity just does not cut the magnitude of our standards of care. We hold ourselves to the highest of ethics and do whatever is best to support you on your journey with respect, dignity, and safety.

On the other side of challenges – you can be OK… or even better.

Our Approach

How Our Child Therapy Works

We Listen To You

We meet with parents first. We work to understand where you are now, what challenges you are facing, and what the ideal result looks like for you & your children after therapy.

We Create A Plan

We create a treatment plan that speaks to your family’s needs and your child’s specific concerns. We work at a pace your child can handle and give you strategies to manage outside of therapy.

We Work Towards Your Goals

Together, we help you learn tools and strategies that help you move toward your goals for your child and family. We take it one step at a time and re-evaluate often.

Child Therapy In Provo, Utah

What Else You Might Expect With Child Therapy

Our comprehensive approach supports the entire family and helps create a dynamic
that works for everyone. In addition to play therapy, the process may include:

Tailored stories that match parents’ values and personality, improving family communication when big changes occur to help your child adjust to change in healthy ways and develop secure relationships.

Support for parents to teach your family’s values, handle tough questions about divorce or loss,  manage screen time, and/or administer discipline.

Personalized counseling to help parents cope with the emotions that are getting them stuck and find ways to grow and model self esteem, healthy relationships, and their values to their children. 

Using Theraplay© principles to strengthen the parent-child bond by creating a secure and nurturing environment.

Therapeutic interventions to help families function better as a unit, promoting resilience, and
healthier relationships.

Guidance for separated or divorced parents on effective co-parenting, ensuring stability, and
support for children.

Things Most People Want To Know

If you are finding that your child is irritable, has trouble sleeping, shows chronic signs of worry, displays anger towards others, or has frequent outbursts that seem out of control, it may be time to get some guidance from a child therapist that can help you get your child back on track!

It’s true that children are adaptable. It’s also true that sometimes the strategies you use as a parent may not work for them to adjust to new changes or stages in their development.

In therapy, we can help them sort their thoughts, feelings, and help create healthy relationships with their parents even when there has been a rupture in the family system. Helping children with their own healing allows the child and the parent to be as healthy as they can be in their family.

Yes! When parents are involved in treatment, the treatment usually goes quicker! There are things that you may learn from the therapeutic experience that will help your child reduce their anxiety, increase their motivation, trust you more as a parent, and believe in themselves again!

Parents use the tips and tricks to help guide their children towards their desired goals and create harmony in the home much faster!

Believe it or not, a lot of children love virtual appointments. They like meeting in their room, showing the therapist their world, and find that they are more comfortable in the home setting rather than going to an office.

And let’s face it, sometimes it really helps with scheduling. There are also a lot of Digital Play Therapy resources found to be just as successful as therapy in person. However, it is not for every child. Talk to your therapist to see if your child could benefit from virtual appointments! 

Contact us to get all of your questions answered!

Life After Therapy

We're dedicated to helping your child feel better and more confident in therapy and will go at a pace that feels right to them. While every situation is different, we often see progress towards goals within 16-26 sessions. You may notice improvements in your child such as:

No matter what happens, kids want honesty, and to know that their parents still love them and will guide them when they need support!

Getting Started With Power Within Counseling

If you’re ready to get started, book a free consultation or give us a call! Before we schedule your first appointment, we’d love to meet you for a free, no-obligation talk to ensure we’re the perfect fit for your needs. You can book a free consultation directly online using the button below. You can also call us or submit an inquiry via the contact form.

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Power Within Counseling

Using child therapy to help your child understand and cope with the complex emotions that come with the changes and challenges of life.