Therapy for Families going through changes

Family Therapy

Helping each member of your family heal and grow with resilience, understanding, respect for one another, and hope for the future.

Happy mom and daughter nose-to-nose in Utah
Happy mom and daughter nose-to-nose in Utah

Therapy for families going through divorce

Family Therapy

Helping each member of your family heal and grow with resilience, understanding, and hope for the future.

Family therapy can help you:

Rebuild trust & strengthen your relationship with your children

Navigate conflicts with understanding & empathy

Cope with change & thrive in the midst of challenges

When the path forward is unclear

Unexpected changes, value clashes, and different personality styles can be difficult for everyone in the family. You’re navigating your feelings while doing your best to make sure that your children learn respect, how to work with others when there are disagreements, or mend a potential rupture in a relationship. You may find yourself worrying if you’re doing the right things and teaching them skills for their future relationships.

Family therapy offers support, guidance, and practical solutions to help you build a happier future together.

Mom and two children in a field with the sun shining

Power Within COunseling

How Family Therapy Can Help

Family therapy provides a safe space to openly talk about the challenges you’re facing and find solutions that work for everyone. In therapy, families learn better ways to communicate, rebuild trust, and get closer.

We offer guidance and practical strategies to help your family navigate differences, challenges or changes; helping you create a harmonious atmosphere for you and your children.

When you are:

Family therapy can help you:

Family therapy can provide a safe space for open dialogue and constructive conversations, fostering honest communication between you and your children.

Through guided discussions and activities, family therapy can help repair fractured bonds and rebuild trust between family members, helping you understand each other better and fostering deeper connections.

In therapy, we help you navigate the uncertainties of parenting to ensure that your children receive the support they need to thrive and adapt to changing circumstances.

We equip both you and your children with practical skills and strategies to manage the emotions that can sometimes spill over into behavior, helping you feel more in control and confident in handling difficult situations together.

Family therapy empowers you with the skills and insight you need to help your children and teenagers, build emotional resilience and healthy coping mechanisms.

By exploring emotions and experiences together, family therapy strengthens the bond between parents and children, creating a supportive and nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and understood.

In learning how to treat yourself with compassion, your children can learn how to be understanding and gentle with themselves, too.

Family therapy offers strategies for navigating difficult situations, and helping parents and children maintain a sense of connection and mutual respect amidst life’s challenges and changes.

“Life is about change. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the time it’s both."

- Lana Lang


Why Work With Power Within Counseling

Life and loss can be challenging and unwanted or unexpected changes do not have to hurt you forever. Even through the difficulty, we can guide you toward creating a new healthy way of being in your changed family, or help your child ease their anxiety and find ways to express their feelings in safe, healthy ways.

We believe that everyone has the power to heal within themselves including our children, and it’s our job to point each person in the right direction on their journey to healing.

At Power Within Counseling, we empower everyone to realize that they can face tough situations and come out stronger. They discover that their situation doesn’t define them – they can go through hard times and still be OK, or even better! We work to reframe the challenges and help parents and children feel loved and supported through all of it.

We are goal-oriented, focused on helping you and your family reach a place of peace and healing, and we help you do the work to make that possible.

Carly Schrimpl

Owner & Therapist, LCSW

What We Believe in

All parts of you are welcome here. We explore all that you or your child bring into therapy, taking time to embrace every emotion and experience as a vital piece of the healing process.


Healing can be fun, and it can also require endurance. We guide you through every stage of the process, celebrating success and navigating challenges together every step of the way.

Every family and child is unique, and your therapy journey should reflect that! We adapt our approach to fit YOU so that your experience is as effective and meaningful as possible.

We believe that you are the hero of your life and have the freedom to live the way you want. We offer flexibility in treatment and tailor the goals to match. Feeling free, allows change with ease and gets faster results.

Integrity just does not cut the magnitude of our standards of care. We hold ourselves to the highest of ethics and do whatever is best to support you on your journey with respect, dignity, and safety.

On the other side of challenges – you can be OK… or even better.

Our Approach

How Family Therapy Works

Happy dad and daughter eating ice cream outside and laughing

We Listen To You

We start by listening carefully to your story and understanding your challenges. Meeting with parents first, we gather insights into your family dynamics and provide practical strategies to navigate divorce and communicate openly with your children.

We Create A Plan

Next, we work together to create a tailored plan to set goals for both you and your children, providing tools to strengthen your connection and cope with difficult emotions. We aim to foster a supportive environment where everyone feels understood and valued.

We Work Towards Your Goals

Finally, we put the plan into action. Using play, art, and conversation, we address underlying issues and work towards achieving your goals. Our sessions promote collaboration and empowerment, helping your family navigate divorce with resilience and emotional well-being.


Our Approach to Family Therapy

Our comprehensive approach supports the entire family and helps create a dynamic that works for everyone. Our personalized plan for your family may include:

In this approach, families use play, art, and other creative activities to talk through their feelings and resolve conflict. We can act out different scenarios or use drawings to help every member of your family express themselves and learn new ways of dealing with challenges.

This approach encourages parents to create stories that reflect their values and experiences. This helps them understand themselves and their values better and become more confident in their parenting.

We understand how difficult it can be to answer questions that you may not be sure what the answers are. In therapy, we can walk you through strategies to help you talk to your children about tough topics. Together, we will work towards communicating honestly and compassionately, making it easier for the whole family to understand and cope with challenges.

This approach focuses on strengthening attachment bonds between parents and children through Theraplay( ADD COPYRIGHT SYMBOL) principles, Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) parenting models, and Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) principles. By emphasizing secure attachment and responsive caregiving, your family can develop healthier relationships, improve communication, and foster emotional resilience.

In family therapy, your family can learn how to work together better as a team. With our guidance, you can talk about how you communicate and solve problems, finding ways to support each other more effectively. Through exploring family dynamics, roles, and patterns of interaction, we will help you gain insight into your relationships and develop strategies for resolving conflicts, improving communication, and building stronger connections so that your family can create a more harmonious and supportive environment where everyone feels understood, valued, and respected.

Things Most People Want To Know

Determining who is participating in family therapy is unique to the family situation. Some families want to work on specific relationships within the family including siblings, parent- child relationships, and sometimes it is beneficial for the whole family to be involved. Depending on the case, and the treatment goals, we will work with you to determine who would be working in the family system in treatment.

Yes, and no. PWC has a strict No Secrets policy with parents. Parents have the right to know the progress during treatment if their child is involved. However, coparents may not want to work together with the child during family therapy. Divorce and separation usually has one family system turn into two family systems. So, family therapy can look like a rotation between parents with the child for an agreed upon time. This way both parents have the opportunity to work on their new system without the other co parent present.

This depends. If the divorce is new to the family system, it is not recommended to add another change to something that is already challenging and fresh. PWC works one step at a time and can be involved to assist with changes in the family after one change is processed and goals are met. However, if both parents agree that additional partners, such as significant others or step-parents should be involved in treatment, then BOTH parents have to sign consent forms for the significant other to be involved in treatment.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to influence tweens and children to participate in family therapy. PWC staff aim to make the therapeutic experience fun, safe, and meaningful to all participants. If a person does not want to participate, that is that person’s choice. We still ask for parents to bring children to the appointment and the PWC staff will work with children and teens to encourage them to participate or respect their decision not to participate.

PWC believes that all behavior has meaning and our trained staff can be present, be with, and discover meaning behind refusals that can benefit a parent’s understanding ensuring more chances of success in creating a better relationship with their teen or child.

The whole family gets to join together and create the treatment goals. The PWC therapist working with the family will generate clear, concise, SMART goals and objectives that serve as the road map to enhance safety and connection in the family system. This plan measures progress and determines if treatment has been productive and meaningful. The therapist adjusts the treatment goal language for the whole family so that everyone knows what the goals are.

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Life After Family Therapy

We're dedicated to helping you and your children feel better and more confident in therapy and will go at a pace that feels right to you, and while every situation is different, we often see progress towards goals within 16-26 sessions. You may notice improvements in your family such as:

Therapy and change might feel scary at first, but it can also be a beautiful, meaningful experience to help everybody learn how to work together even when there are disagreements.

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Getting Started With Power Within Counseling

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Power Within Counseling

The support you need to help your family navigate the
complexities of divorce with confidence and hope.

Happy mom and child outside in Utah laughing and smiling with the sun shining