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Our Mission

Divorce does not have to be so damaging. We help others who have experienced divorce find the power within themselves to heal and stop the emotional wounds from shaping their life.

There is no one-size-fits-all all. We believe that clients are the heroes of their story and we are on a mission to help them find what is needed within themselves to make healthy choices, model their values even when they face heart-wrenching challenges of divorce. We inspire people to know that on the other side of divorce, they can be OK… or even better.

We have the ability to look at situations with a fresh perspective, and without judgment of ourselves or others, to find a better way of doing things.
We balance grit, boundaries, poise, and polish to do whatever it takes to get the job done, as long as it’s legal and ethical.
We lean into curiosity, playfulness, and flexibility to do our work in a way that feels authentic to us and supports our clients in meaningful ways.
We always have the ability to choose how to work and when to work, within the structure of the practice, which is designed to support our freedom and flexibility.
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and are intentional and respectful in our work. We honor and fulfill the commitments we make to our clients.


Flexible schedules, Stipends for Training, Work Family Environment ,Opportunities for Creation


CMHC, LCSW, LFMT professional that has direct experience with divorce dynamics with children, teens, adults or has a zealous desire to work with divorce, grief and loss of a family member, and/or blended families.

This therapist is going to nurture a caseload of 20 clients per week and maintain ethical requirements of the EHR record.

Opportunities for CEU creation and online programs in the future.

Clinical Care Coordinator

The Clinical Care Coordinator is the face and heartbeat of the practice. This person is going to be beyond detail-oriented, empathic, kind, and ensure that each person who walks through the door is welcomed with compassion, consideration, and understanding.

They will maintain written and verbal communication with all clients and working relationships with Power Within Counseling. They will ensure that all paperwork and systems are working flawlessly and adjust the system to generate a phenomenal atmosphere.

Opportunities for system creation, management, and rich fulfillment.

Message from the Owner

At best, most counseling practices are leaving something to be desired. Whether that is culture, feeling valued, feeling like you are refreshed and inspired at work instead of burnt out, or dare I say it, creativity. At certain centers, it can feel like you are seeing client after client and are not experiencing yourself at your best because of the tired business model in health care.

I am so glad you are here!!! We are looking for people who believe in the mission of stopping the damage of divorce while maintaining healthy boundaries of self-care and self passions. If you feel that you want to be involved in something bigger and different, please apply. We have been waiting for you!!!!

Carly Schrimpl

Owner & Therapist, LCSW