Carly Schrimpl LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Masters of Social Work (MSW) RPT(Registered Play Therapist)


Accepting New Patients

Therapy Formats

Virtual, In-Person

Populations Served

Children 3-17, Parents of children 3-17, Adults seeking to engage in inner child work

Appointment Times

Monday through Thursday 11am until 9pm

Carly Schrimpl LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Masters of Social Work (MSW) RPT(Registered Play Therapist)

I provide therapy for children 3-17 experiencing  anxiety, depressed mood, ADHD, or any big significant life transitions including divorce,  loss of a family member, adoption, or blended families. In my work with children, I have found that children show their pain through behaviors such as tantruming, withdrawing from a parent, lying, trying to control others, bottling up their emotions inside, or  having negative self-talk. This can be hard on both you as the parent and your child.

The most important part of therapy for children and teens is the work that we do to build trust. It’s important for them to have a space where they feel like they can explain or play out their complex emotions they are experiencing without feeling judged.

I have over 13 years of experience providing counseling for children and their parents.  I love seeing their transformation through the use of tools and play. I draw from Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy (CBPT), Mindfulness, and Family Systems Theory to help children gain the skills and resources they need to know what to do when facing discomfort, learn to embrace challenges, and love themselves!

I offer one-on-one support and parent support, because I believe that meaningful and powerful changes occur when caregivers are involved. 

I understand how hard it can be to find the right therapist for your child. When we get started, I meet with the caregiver(s) first for a session to ensure that it is the best fit, then I connect with your child. Once we start working together, their sessions become confidential and part of the trust building process between your child and myself.

Therapy for children experiencing big emotions or big changes in their family system can have a lasting effect on how they view the world, offer comfort in a time of emotional need, and give them a space to say the things that are making them feel hurt, disconnected, and alone in the world.

With the right support, it is possible that on the other side of  challenges, that your child can come out stronger. 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, my areas of focus include:

Child therapy | Support for parents | Grief | Divorce | Anxiety issues for children and teens | ADHD Tendencies | Depressed Mood | Suicidal Ideation | Childhood trauma | Adoption | Blended families | Loss of a loved one | Family changes

If you’re ready to get started, I always offer a 20-min consult to see if we are a good fit. I’d love to help you or your child get the help they need to feel OK or even better than before!

  • Children experiencing divorce in their home
  • Children adjusting to blended families
  • Adoption
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy ( CBPT)
  • Adlerian Play Therapy
  • Digital Play Therapy
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Sand Tray
  • Play therapy interventions
  • Expressive therapy interventions
  • Master of Social Work – Illinois State University
  • Trust Based Relational Intervention
  • Circle of Security Parent Facilitator
  • Theraplay Level 1
  • Autplay Certified
  • Trauma Informed
  • AFCC Informed